The driving program conducted by professional motorsports racers has been developed based on the years of experience of Finland’s legendary world rally champions.

Fastline Ice Driving Experience

28 February – 10 March  2024, Finland – Laponia

Ice Driving Experience!

This is a great opportunity not only to learn safe car control but also to practice high-performance sports driving techniques!

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The program includes:

Ice Driving Experience training on ice tracks in 1:1 formula with an instructor, including infrastructure and technical support.

English – speaking instructors

Full supervision by Fastline Racing Academy instructors and racers.

Unlimited fuel and tires..

Hot lunch and drinks during on-track training.

Certificates of completion of the Ice Driving Experience.

Complete coordination of the event.

The training will be divided into two parts:

Theoretical classes last about 1 h and are held before the start of driving on the track – this gives the participant a great deal of knowledge and awareness during later training rides. Class provides knowledge about what happens to the dynamically moving car, and makes explanation of situations on the track easier for instructors, referring precisely to the issues of driving techniques discussed in the presentation.

During the lecture, the participant will learn about:

  • advanced ice driving skills in sports and rally cars
  • driving on sport studded tires
  • controlling a vehicle at high speed on ice
  • proper skid driving technique
  • car balance management
  • turning with the Scandinavian flick technique

The practical part on the track

is executed in a 1-on-1 formula training, during which the participant gets behind the wheel of the car, and the instructor is in the passenger seat. All our instructors are licensed and titled racing drivers.

During track training, the participant will learn, among other things:

  • driving a correct racing line
  • managing the dynamic weight of the car
  • exiting corners
  • ideal moments of acceleration

For whom?

For any driver who wants to improve his skills and at the same time experience the unforgettable sensation of sports driving on a track without speed limits.

Package Contents

  •  Ice Driving training on 1:1 ice tracks with an instructor, including infrastructure and support services
  • Full supervision by Fastline Racing Academy instructors and racers
  • Participation in the Fastline Ice Carting Cup 2023 championship
  • Fuel, tires, helmets and driving gloves
  • Warm lunch and drinks during on-track coaching
  • Certificates of completion of the Ice Driving Experience
  • Comprehensive Event Coordination

Packages and prices

Package of 2 days on the track – 12 sessions of 30 minutes each 

4299 euro inc. VAT

Package of 1 day on the track – 6 sessions of 30 minutes each 

2399 euro inc. VAT
The condition for booking is payment of 100% of the price of the training according to the bank selling rate of the euro, specifying the package and the number of people. vat invoice will be issued after the payment is credited to the account or purchase by
*Invoicing according to the bank selling rate of the euro as of the date of payment.

It is possible to exchange or buy a session in a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS

Session exchange for Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS – 165 EUR gross/session
Buying additional sessions in the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS:
– 1 session – 550 EUR gross
– 2 sessions – 440 EUR gross/sessions
– 3 sessions and more – 330 EUR gross/sessions


Mariusz Miękoś

The founder of Fastline Racing Academy, thanks to his successes behind the wheel of racing cars, he seeks to apply his experience from the track and develop sports and racing driving training programs.
Polish champion in the 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 WSMP motor racing, European runner-up. Five-time participant in the Dubai 24-hour race. A 2017 Porsche Driving Experience instructor, he currently races a Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo, creator and head of the Fastline Racing Academy.

Ice Driving Experience Instructors

Łukasz Kaźmierczak

Competitor, racing driver. Participant in Polish Champions  races in the Mini S Cup. Trains participants in sports driving programs on Polish and European racing tracks. 

Filip Szymański

Competitor, rally driver. Repeated competitor in rallies and competitions Rally-Sprint, Power Stage, Superoes and Słomczyn Circuit Cup, experienced  instructor. 

Igor Stolarek

Drifting Competitor.  Multiple medalist in the Drifting  Polish Championship, the Polish Drift Cup  Open and the Drift Competition league.  He has been competing since 2015. 

Tomasz Junde

Competitor, racing driver. Participant of the Punkta Miata Challenge Cup, competed in many simracing events.

Alek Kozłowski

Competitor, racing driver. Participant of the Punkta Miata Challenge Cup, competed in many simracing competitions, active instructor.

Ice Karting

Every day after training we take you to Ice Karting!

Racing with karts with significantly more engine power, with studded tires, organized according to a plan analogous to the course of Formula 1 weekends! Two 15-minute practice sessions precede a 20-minute qualifying session, followed by a race under artificial lighting at the end of each day. The total score of the races will determine the Fastline Ice Karting CUP 2023 champion, who will be rewarded with a free Fastline Racing Academy training session at a race track of his choice.



Lapland Imagine a place full of snow-covered pine forests, and in the midst of them countless frozen lakes, so large that you could fit five Formula 1 tracks on them!

Lapland is famous for its great training conditions for racing and rally driving on ice. Off road snowmobile safaris or dog sled tours, popular in the region, are also great fun!

Driving on frozen lakes, through picturesque winter forests guarantees an unforgettable experience!

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You will improve your snow and ice driving skills, but also feel the excitement of rally drivers competing in Monte Carlo or Swedish rallies.

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+48 603-102-665

Ice Driving Experience

Package of 2 days on the track 

4 299 euro inc. VAT

Package of 1 day on the track 

2 399 euro inc. VAT

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